Monday, July 04, 2011

That Autopsy Can Wait Until Tuesday

UPDATED (7-5-11)--A Marion County Coroner's Office preliminary autopsy finding has ruled out any connection to the disappearances of Dorothy Heard or Lauren Spierer to the female body pulled from Fall Creek over the weekend according to WTHR. The office says the body is that of an African-American woman, no age range provided. Indianapolis police told reporters Sunday evening after the body was recovered that the race or age range of the person could not be ascertained due to advanced stages of decomposition. It's unfortunate the Marion County Coroner's Office made the families wait that long to learn information that should have been learned by yesterday morning.

A badly decomposed body of a woman was pulled from Fall Creek on Indianapolis' northeastside yesterday evening. Two families of missing persons, the family of missing IU student Lauren Spierer and the family of Noblesville's Dorothy Heard, will have to wait until Tuesday to learn more about the identity of the person pulled from Fall Creek because the Marion Co. Coroner's Office under the leadership of the controversial Chief Forensic Pathologist Dr. Joye Carter can't be bothered until tomorrow. The body was too badly decomposed to determine the person's race. Bloomington police have contacted IMPD to determine whether there is any possible connection to Spierer. Logically, it is more likely to be connected to Heard and not Spierer since it is downstream from where Heard was last seen alive. It may sound far fetched to think Spierer's body could have been dumped on Indianapolis' northeastside, but it's not out of the question if persons of interest just happen to live not far from the location where her body was discovered. Simple dental x-rays of the body pulled from Fall Creek would at least allow police to rule out whether the body found was that of Spierer or Heard, providing answers to these two families who are already distressed enough as it is due to their love one's disappearances, but let's not let any sympathy for them get in the way of our holiday weekend.

UPDATE: The blog,, is reporting that the person who got into an altercation with Spierer's friend, Corey Rossman, the night she went missing is a North Central High School graduate from Indianapolis, Zach Oakes, who is roommates at IU with another North Central High School graduate, Arjun Babu, a person who previously has been singled out about an insensitive post he made on his Twitter account about how to find Spierer. Rossman told police he was struck in the face during the altercation at Smallwood Apartments while he was accompanying Spierer home from Kilroy's Sports Bar. According to Tony Gotto, multiple sources confirm Oakes is the person who came to blows with Rossman on the night in question. Oakes became Facebook friends with Hadar Tamir, Spierer's roommate, near the time Spierer went missing according to the blogger. A source tells me Oakes is related to the prominent Oakes family who owns Business Furniture, Indiana's largest supplier of office furniture and office solutions.

UPDATE II: Fox 59 News confirmed tonight that the Marion Co. Coroner's Office has no intention of doing the autopsy until 9:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. That's 36 hours after officials recovered the body from Fall Creek. That's completely inexcusable for a coroner's office in a major city to put off doing an autopsy because it inconveniences the weekend/holiday schedule for Dr. Joye Carter, who was the source of controversy in her previous positions in Houston and Washington, D.C. Sources have told me that Dr. Carter refuses to perform autopsies on weekends or holidays, unlike her predecessors who performed autopsies on weekends when circumstances required their services.

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...maybe the Coroner's office can call in former Coroner "Bones" Ackles for an autopsy??? The reliability would likely be similar to Joye Carter.