Friday, March 23, 2012

Airport Authority Gives Clark $270,000 Going Away Gift

The Indianapolis Airport Authority may have been displeased with the performance of its former CEO John Clark and his costly globetrotting travels around the world, but not enough to keep its board from voting to give him $270,000, or a full year's salary, as a parting gift. Oh, and he's also being paid for 256 hours of unused vacation and personal days. How he could have accumulated that much time given how much time he spent away from the airport is anyone's guess. Clark served in the job for only three years. It looks to me like two weeks' pay for each year of service would have more than sufficed, but hey, I would spend the airport's money like it was my own money. The airport authority's board has repeatedly demonstrated that it could care less about how recklessly it spends the airport's monies. As they always tell you when you complain, it's not taxpayers' money they are spending.

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Marycatherine Barton said...

Disgusting rewarding of dishonorable behavior of their CEO by IAA. Shame on them!!