Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What Ayers' Mailman Knows

The man who delivered mail to the home of Tom and Mary Ayers, parents of long-time Obama friend Bill Ayers, who has taken credit for ghost writing Obama's autobiographical book, Dreams From My Father, has some interesting memories of delivering mail to the Ayers' Glen Ellyn, Illinois home. Allen Hulton, now retired after 39 years of service to the USPS, remembers Mary Ayers talking about the young black foreign student they were helping out with his education. Hulton recalled meeting a young Barack Obama in front of the Ayers' home during this period after Obama had taken the train out from downtown Chicago to the upscale suburban neighborhood where the Ayers resided. He recalls Obama telling him matter-of-factly that he would someday be president of the United States. Click here to see the video interview of him by Dr. Jerome Corsi.

Tom Ayers, of course, was the former CEO of Commonwealth Edison, a large public utility that has always had a big political influence in Chicago and Illinois politics. His son Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernadine Dohrn, have been controversial figures because of their role in the violent Weathermen Underground movement back in the 1960s, which opposed the Vietnam War. Dohrn and Ayers escaped prosecution for their involvement in the organization's terrorist activities after it was learned that the evidence gathered by the FBI was botched because the CIA had illegally spied on American citizens. Dohrn later worked for Sidley & Austin, the law firm that represents Commonwealth Edison, even though she couldn't be admitted to the Illinois bar because of her past criminal record. Ayers became a tenured professor at the University of Illinois-Chicago. Despite conservatives' widespread belief that Ayers and Dorn are radical leftists, I believe this has always been a cover for their role as CIA agents who infiltrated the Weathermen Underground and who acted as informants for the CIA. It also fits nicely with the fact that Obama's first job out of Columbia University was working at a company now widely regarded as a CIA front company. The purpose of the Weathermen Underground movement for the CIA was to make the opponents appear so extreme that it would create a backlash in favor of the illegal war.

Things are not at all as they appear, folks. You have to look at the men behind the curtain to find out who the real Barack Obama is. If you accept the CIA connection, you can begin to figure out how both Obama's birth certificate and selective service records could have been forged, successfully pulling off the biggest fraud in American political history. It was a masterful plan. They now have a president of color leading their illegal wars around the world with the full blessing of the American left. Pure brilliance, if diabolical to the extreme.


patriot paul said...

I've seen other stories about CIA involvement relating to Obama, as the unseen hand guiding/using the student for various agenda, but always dismissed them as fantasy. But now, I'm not so sure.

Gary R. Welsh said...

I always remember one of the last conversations I had with Professor Henry Karlson. He insisted that the baby indicated by the Hawaii birth certificate was not the same person who came to Hawaii as a young boy from Indonesia. What's really fascinating is the fact that Tim Geithner spent a lot of his childhood growing up in Asia where his father actually controlled the grant money at the Ford Foundation that funded Stanley Ann Dunham's work. The bank where the uneducated grandmother rose to the rank of vice president in Honolulu was used by the CIA for money laundering purposes. The CIA even sponsored the program that brought Barack Obama, Sr. to the U.S. to study as part of an effort to direct the careers of up and comers on the African continent. As it turned out, the father would disappoint his masters and drink himself to death.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Thanks for your determined research findings, Gary. I agree with all these conclusions.