Friday, May 31, 2013

Bombing Victims Or Crisis Actors?

I don't know who this Australian guy is, but he's taken upon himself to analyze the video and photo images taken at the scene of the Boston Marathon bombings. He's made up his mind that the entire event was staged using crisis actors. Take a look and judge for yourself. Things do seem a bit too contrived, even if his sense of humor might be over the top for some. Click here to see his collection of videos.


CircleCityScribe said...

Gary, please don't pay attention to the PROPAGANDA being spread by Terrorists.

We all know those people did not lose their limbs, suffer amputations, suffer death in some type of crisis actor scenario. It was REALITY!

Gary R. Welsh said...

Someone spoke to me this evening about a family relative who lost a leg, which was surgically amputated following a life-threatening illness. This person found the astonishing recovery times for these victims beyond belief. Sitting up in a bed or wheelchair, fully dressed with a fresh hairdo and makeup would have been inconceivable. When I was hospitalized for 10 days with a serious illness, I never put on street clothes until a few minutes before I was released from the hospital. This one gal had three changes of clothes while still sitting in a hospital bed all made up looking pretty, not even appearing to suffer post traumatic stress or depression that would generally encounter loss of limb.

A paramedic who has witnessed limbs torn from victims in accidents shared with me that these images bear no resemblance to what he has encountered in his work experience as an EMT. He was convinced what he saw in these images were not real injuries. He noted the double amputee guy would have been lucky to survive the first few minutes without immediate medical attention. He couldn't understand why the victim hadn't gone into shock or cardiac arrest, which would have been expected in such circumstances due to the massive loss of blood within the first minute or two. Seeing the guy sitting up in the wheelchair being transported from the bomb scene violated all emergency protocols for treating such a victim according to him. He would have been laid on a stretcher and strapped down to prevent movement and morphine would have been immediately administered to relieve the unbearable pain. The tourniquet visible on his leg didn't even look right to him.