Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Indianapolis Fearful It Will Lose $6.3 Million Federal Grant To Tear Down House

Apparently the U.S. Treasury Department has pulled the plug on one of those free money programs it offered to cities across America to tear down homes as part of a blight removal effort. Indianapolis received a $6.3 million grant as part of that program but the city has so far managed to tear down just a handful of homes. The City is now worried the grant money is going to be lost according to The Star. "Everyone is deathly afraid we’ll lose this funding, and this is our last shot at some of the worst of the worst homes," said City-County Councilman Jeff Miller, a board member for Renew Indianapolis, the city's non-profit land bank. "We do not want (Mayor Hogsett) to say later, no one told me we were going to lose $6 million."


Anonymous said...

Is the delay caused by the strict rules that might prevent a corrupt administration from looting federal funds? If the local law firms, having had all this time to connive, can't figure out how to line their pockets then why not try demolishing blighted homes?

Anonymous said...

There you go, Anon 8:11. I wondered what the hell Jennifer Hallowell Walker's uber-corrupt Republican mayor, the one with the initials Greg Balard, did with that program? Where are the results other than a few homes demolished and an Indy Land Bank scandal that I just have to believe went much deeper than we have been told? More sad news on the epitaph of a RINO ex-mayor's failed tenure like our own ex-Marine.

Woe to Ivy Tech if it employs ex-mayor Greg Ballard.

Linda said...

Feds allege Evansville misappropriated the funds.
They torn down a neighborhood, forcing citizens out of their homes, to build a car dealerships for a political donor.
HHF were created to help citizens live in the homes and make necessary repairs not for communities to evict people because the home is on a desired route for economic development.
Based on the SIGTARP letter, I am not surprised Indiana will lose funding if the allegations are true.

local landlord said...

You can take down these houses for six thousand dollars apiece. They ought to let out the contracts to locals, on easy terms, to alleviate unemployment in the construction industry, and open our county landfill for the free deposit of the refuse, and utility companies ought to be required to come on short notice and dismantle utilities to the parcels. This has been necessary for years, this tearing down of our blighted buildings, but they just won't do it. We deserve to lose the grant. We've wasted this opportunity to have the federal gov. pay. We should have been proud to remove the blight even when it was on our dime. Have we no pride in our city? Don't we want to give these kids real neighborhoods to walk home thru?. I've been shocked at the grotesque things that occupy this mayor's attention. Ridiculous money slathered all over a downtown fully capable of being developed by market forces alone, while neighborhoods rot. Hogsett's a lawyer, from a law firm, with interests in things that interest lawyers, who generally don't even live in this county, much less drive our crumbling east side neighborhoods. Nothing will change. In the old days they would drive a man like Ballard out on a rail, and the words tar and feather had meaning. Jerks.

Pete Boggs said...

Demolition of blighted homes has already occurred; via the systemic corruption which confiscated those federal tax dollars from working Americans, for misuse & crony abuses of self serving statists.

Anonymous said...

If it doesn't involve stealing public funds to build a playpen, the city of Indianapolis is not interested.