Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Republican State Superintendent Candidate Voted In Democratic Primary

The party loyalty of a Republican candidate for state education superintendent is being questioned because she cast a vote in the 2012 Indiana Democratic primary. Jennifer McCormick, the Yorktown superintendent of schools, defended her voting record, noting that she cast a Republican ballot in the more recent 2014 primary election. "To me it’s not about politics, it’s about students," McCormick told the Indianapolis Star. McCormick is opposed for the nomination by a Fort Wayne resident, Dawn Wooten, who is an adjunct professor at IPFW, Indiana Tech and the University of Saint Francis Delegates elected to this year's Indiana Republican State Convention delegates will choose the Republican nominee for state education superintendent in June.


Anonymous said...

I find it increasingly difficult to tell the Republicans from the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

There will be more on this matter and the need for people who are not mouthpieces for an ideological agenda. Consider, voting for Lugar as a Democrat could be viewed in a positive fashion, (I hope) since were Lugar in the Senate he would share with Orin Hatch top seniority in the Senate. It might not matter at all that Lugar was a Republican in this regard, he would have the choice of whatever Senate Committees he might chose to Chair. Now, I am not a farmer but an Indiana Senator of either party chairing the Ag Committee would seem very useful to Indiana. If he chose to chair Foreign Relations his service would be of more import for the Nation of which Indiana remains a part.
It is not crude to take practicalities into consideration. Neither Senator Donnelly or Senator Murdock would have been worth a pinch of shit in comparison to what a Senator Lugar would bring to any table given a Republican Majority. Can anyone suggest that Senator Donnelly has been worth a pinch of shit? Perhaps the Rinos who elected him think so but no one else does.
Getting back to the Yorktown Lady...let's see her views and not to worry about who the hell she may have voted for in the past. I've voted for Jesse Jackson and for HC but the choice of doing so was pragmatic. Blacks voted for Obama, in their usual racist fashion. How are they liking those apples?

Linda said...

Until 1962, Ronald Reagan was a lifelong Democrat.
In 1966, he was elected governor as a Republican.
As a Democrat, I know in Allen County many traditional voting Republicans sometimes vote Democrat in the primary to try to get the democratic candidate they think they could beat in November; I also know Democrats who do vise-versa. I hate the tactic thinking it is disrespectful to the voting process. She might have done the same thing, you will find out her ideas at the convention.

Anonymous said...

Look at how many R's voted D in 2008 in furthering "Operation Chaos"

Anonymous said...

I'll vote for whoever that RINO, Pharisee, Loudmouth Monica Boyer opposes! She sold us out and is backing the phoney conservative Mike Pence!

Philip D. Arnold said...

Remember Glenda Ritz was once a Republican