Friday, January 05, 2007

Burton Casts Lone Vote Against Ethics Reform

The new Democratic majority in one of its first acts in the new Congress proposed and passed tougher ethics rules, including severe restrictions on privately-funded travel. Only one member in the entire House of Representatives voted against the new ethics reforms, and that was Indiana's Rep. Dan Burton (R). The Star's Washington correspondent Maureen Groppe tried unsuccessfully to reach Burton for comment, but she notes he took the most expensive trip by the delegation last year. Groppe writes:

Burton and his wife traveled to Taiwan on a $15,520 trip paid for by the ROC-USA Business Council.

Burton, a member of the House International Relations Committee, has accepted more than a dozen trips to Taiwan for himself or his aides over the past decade.

The article also notes that Indiana's Sen. Richard Lugar is one of the biggest travelers in Congress. His trips are usually paid for by the Aspen Institute. Lugar took 7 trips last year and 12 in 2005. Perhaps the passage of the House rules will put pressure on the Senate to tighten up its own loose ethics rules.

Burton's dismissive attitude about cleaning up Congress is the product of an out-of-touch incumbent who has been protected by gerrymandering. Burton's district is Indiana's most Republican district as a result of Indiana's gerrymandered districts. Burton is rarely challenged in the Republican primary, and it is nearly impossible for a Democrat to win in this district. He is, however, the first to rail against government waste, fraud and abuse. It's too bad he doesn't practice what he preaches.


Anonymous said...

"cleaning up" - HA! The writing is on the wall. "Ethics" to this Congress will be "do as Democrats say not as Democrats do".

Never mind Nancy Pelosi stood there arm-in-arm with corrupt New Orleans 'Rat William "Cold Cash" Jefferson - who himself had payoff money stashed in his freezer.

Anonymous said...

Hail, the subject is Burton. Try to focus.

2008 is the Republicans' chance to get rid of this loser. The argument for 12 years has been, that we can't afford to lose a Hooiser Committee chair. Not a problem now. Republicans won't likely take back the House for a few years, at least.

Republicans have had opportunities to take him out before--all the way back to his first term. When that district was carved out, I believe it was Mike Carroll, the promising young Lugar/Hudnt deputy mayor, who was the party favorite in the primary. (Or was it Bruce Melchert?)

And since that time, Burton has not had a serious opponent from either party.

There are many, many strong, good Republican officeholders in that district. Can't one of them step up? Hell, even Rep. Cindy Noe is better than what we've got from Burton. (Choke) (Barely better)

Other names to ponder: Chris Douglas, Mayor Brainard (that may be just trading one goof for another, tho), Sens. Delph and Kenley, Rep. Bosma.

One Burton in Indiana politics is enough. Woody has the goofy factor all tied down by himself. In God We Trust indeed.

Anonymous said...

the subject is Burton.

No, the subject is Ethics Reform. And I call this dog-and-pony show "Ethics Reform" what it is - a bunch of hooey and the Rats waving shiny objects trying to distract everyone with images of cigar chomping congresspersons (Nancy Pelosi with a cigar ... GAG!) flying around being wined-n-dined on a corporate jet?

Republicans won't likely take back the House for a few years, at least.

Depends on whether the Rats will be reasonable or go with their NeoSosh agenda and ram through all the garbage like firearms bans, the "fairness doctrine" to prop up failing talk radio networks like Scare America, among other things.

The next two years could turn into voter sentiments of "oh my what have we done!" and get buyer's remorse in voting for those Rat clowns.

Anonymous said...

Where DO you get this crap?

Hint: Bill O'Reilly is entertianing, so is Sean Hannity.
But their grasp of "facts" is usually about their ratings, and scare tactics.

Talk radio, if aired over commercially-licensed channels, has an obligation to be balanced.

The FCC would oversee that balance or lack thereof, and they're an executive branch agency. Nancy Pelosi and crew have nothing to do with that. Someone should look into it, but it won't be them, and it won't be anyone else under this President.

Absent something really polarizing, like another war, God forbid, care to bet on who will control the House in 2008, regardless of who wins the presidency?

The Repubs crapped in their mess kits so badly the last year or so, they won't be back in power for quite awhile.

Which is good news for everyone who despises Dan Burton. He is no fan of good government. Dan is a fan of Dan and golf and younger wives.

The cameras last night focused on Dennis Hastert. What a perfect physical symbol for the last few years of Republican Congressional control: big spenders, fat, out of control, out of touch, inept.

Wilson46201 said...

The District currently represented by Danny Burton was carefully crafted by moderate Republican State Chairman Bruce Melchert as a safe district for himself to "retire" to but the wingnuts pounced and snatched it away from the moderates. I've read that Burton's District is among the 5 most Republican Districts in the country...

Anonymous said...

Talk radio, if aired over commercially-licensed channels, has an obligation to be balanced.

No they don't. Look at those licensed to "public" radio and how far-flung those left wingnuts are placed.

As long as NPR is so far off to the left there is NO "obligation" to be balanced. It's about ratings - if a talk radio station wants to be right wing and have Rush, Hannity, etc. on their station and they have the advertising dollars coming in - what's the issue?

Same applies for a station if they played Air America and if there were enough businesses conned into buying advertising time on such a station then its perfectly acceptable too.

It's when Government comes in and tilts the scales artificially under the guise of "fairness".

Anonymous said...

big spenders, fat, out of control, out of touch, inept

Leaving out fat, you've described Julia Carson perfectly. big spenders, out of control, out of touch, and inept.

Problem is her "big spending" is on anything but whats needed for Indianapolis.

Anonymous said...

Well, Hail, once again you've shown your lack of knowledge.

Ms. Carson, not a perfect M.C. by any means, has actually voted for less spending than her Republican colleagues the last session.


Funny thing, those facts.