Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Gay Activist Files To Run For Fort Wayne Mayor

Fred Steinke was the first Democrat to file for Fort Wayne mayor today, but as Fort Wayne Observed notes, the only thing the newspaper could find to say about him was that he was an "unknown." FWOB editor Mitch Harper (R), who is running as a Republican for the council seat being vacated by Tom Hayhurst (D), writes:

The News Sentinel headlined its story, "Unknown Democrat files for mayor."

The headline is amusing. While Mr. Steinke may not be known in political circles, no one is unknown to their friends, neighbors and family members.

Fort Wayne Observed talked with Mr. Steinke earlier this evening. He says he is in the race to the finish on primary election night and he "will not be deterred" from seeking the mayor's position. He described himself as "honest and aboveboard" and will use the platform the mayor's race affords him to talk about issues important to him.

Mr. Steinke wants to speak out on what he believes is a scourge of crime and drugs. He pointed out that West Central has been dealing with severe issues regarding drug houses in the neighborhood. He believes the community has more important issues than the smoking ban and opposes the idea of the downtown baseball stadium.

He is a longtime resident of Fort Wayne. He has been an activist on issues such as HIV/AIDS and has made numerous trips to Indianapolis to lobby on HIV/AIDS matters.

Mr. Steinke was featured in one of a series of portraits taken by Fort Wayne photographer John Gevers in his exhibit "Facing HIV/AIDS," which was recently on exhibit in California and was part of a CBS News documentary on the LOGO Channel.

Isn't it interesting that a Fort Wayne blog would provide more information about Steinke's candidacy than the newspaper?

There are also two GOP candidates in the race, including Allen County Commissioner Nelson Peters and Matt Kelty, a local architect. Fort Wayne's Democratic mayor, Graham Richard, is not seeking re-election. Unlike Marion County, the Republican Party in Fort Wayne and Allen County has remained strong even after a Democrat was elected mayor. Maybe Marion County Republicans could take some tips from their friends up north.


Anonymous said...

AI asked, "Isn't it interesting that a Fort Wayne blog would provide more information about Steinke's candidacy than the newspaper?"

Will Mr. Steinke's campaign earmark much money to buy election advertisements in said newspaper?

I hear Indy Star gives preference for articles based on how much advertising dollars one spends. I heard there was a meeting recently confirming that with some of their advertising sales personnel. Is the Star's paid advertisement sales so slow that they have to sweeten the pot with a little earned media and special attention paid to press releases sent by corporations or politicians who buy ads?

Anyone else hear that in the grapevine?

Anonymous said...

Not surprising. The Star is quick to print a smear article, but not anything positive - unless you buy lots of ads.

Wilson46201 said...

It's not like the poor Republicans have successful businessmen or political fundraisers with any money. hailstone sounds like some sort of socialist decrying free enterprise choices and demanding handouts from corporately-owned media. Start your own GOP propaganda rag and let it compete in the free market of ideas and commerce!

[ I do irony so poorly. ]

Anonymous said...

ALL I CAN that this is one of the times I'm glad to live outside the Ft Wayne city limits. I would hate to vote on this one...but...the chairman of the democratic party is certain they will have another candidate on file by the deadline...PLEASE!!!

It's not because Fred is gay...or that he has's because I would fear Ft Wayne would lose all credibilty having Fred as it's mayor. Of course we ALL know that will never happen anyway...

Anonymous said...

The odds are in favor of Matt Kelty willing. This strong candidate has a wealth of family and friends supporting him in every corner of the city.

Anonymous said...

I think it's about time that people in Indiana learn more about the rights of the individual. People who work for activism and liberals know that it should be up to each individual to decide their code of ethics, not the government.
I think what Fort Wayne needs is a liberal in office, someone who understands the fundamental issues of the city, and doesn't focus on superficial things like baseball stadiums and Harrison square.
I think that a liberal mayor would be just what this city needs to help the city realize that if we develop social issues, economic issues should fall in line.