Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Judy O'Bannon Backing Richard Young For Governor

The Star's Mary Beth Schneider is reporting today that former Indiana First Lady Judy O'Bannon is chairing the Democratic gubernatorial campaign of Senate Minority Leader Richard Young (D-Milltown). Schneider says Young filed his exploratory campaign papers with the Indiana Election Division this morning. I suspect O'Bannon's early decision to back Young may come as a surprise to many Democrats.


Jeff Newman said...

Isn't Richard Young the evil Eric Miller's favorite democrat? Was he not the only dem on the stage at Advance America's "Traditional Marriage" bigotfest last year? I think I also remember seeing one of Miller's ridiculous little videos where he and Young were agreeing on the need for a marriage amendment.

Gary, if I got him mixed up with someone else please correct me or feel free to delete my comment.

Wilson46201 said...

You are likely confusing him with another Senator Young: Republican R. Michael Young from Central Indiana who was Gary Hoffmeister's campaign manager in 1998 - the GOP Sen. Young is a pure[?] reactionary who probably thinks Eric Miller and Brian Bosma are too liberal.

I can't imagine Judy O'Bannon consorting with anybody close to Eric Miller.

Jeff Newman said...

No, Wilson, I'm familiar with R. Michael Young, he is my state Senator and your description of him is accurate (although much kinder than the way I describe him).

Miller has a token Dem who made the appearances I referenced above, I'm hoping someone will verify here whether or not it is Richard Young. I would feel bad if I have the wrong guy; I would hate to falsely accuse anyone of buddying up to the slimy Miller if they are innocent.

Anonymous said...

Has Judy gone 'round the bend? I truly love and admire her for the work she did for Indiana.. but this is a nutty decision.

Anonymous said...

3:55 is accurate.

The Democratic senator Young did indeed agree with Eric Miller. Loudly, proudly, picture-perfect.

This is one of many signs that the apoloclypse is near.

Seriously...the Kernan folks screwed up royally by not utilizing Judy in 04. At all. If they had, he might still be governor. She was hugely popular, and she still is a favorite among many voters.

But, if true, this is nothing more than regional politics and old-line friends.

Having said that, even Judy O. could figure out a way to dodge a friend's request to chair a committee, particularly when that friend is, uh, let's just say charitably not the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

There's a maxim in many rural counties, that you can only beat a strong Democrat with a widow. Countless County Courthouse seats in traditional Dem strongholds, went Republican in the 80s and 90s under that very maxim.

God bless Judy. Maybe she just wanted to be asked to help someone. But she's off her rocker on this one. Judy, honey, "none of the above" is a better choice than this loon.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Jeff, you have the right Young. Richard is not as vocal in his support of Eric Miller as Mike Young, but their voting records on Miller's issues are virtually identical.

Wilson46201 said...

Lest it be forgotten: last year a certain Congressional candidate much-beloved by AI and some commenters got a 9 out 10 approval score from Eric Miller on his reactionary issues while the "Evil Ghetto Mafia Queen" was rated a total zero by Miller. Luckily for LGBT folk, voters in this city rejected Miller's candidate!

Anonymous said...

uh, Wilson, this wasn't about Dickerson vs. Julia.


Just who is gonna stand up and throw this gossip at the senator(s)? I'll be there to watch.

Let's hope the media will be there to report it.

Anonymous said...

"There he goes again..."