Monday, April 11, 2016

Colorado GOP Canceled Primary, Depriving Vote To Million Voters

The Republican Party's presidential nomination process is proving to be its Achilles' heel. There have been countless examples this year of Sen. Ted Cruz being awarded more delegates in states that Donald Trump actually won. This past weekend, more than one million registered Republicans in Colorado were deprived of the right to cast a vote in that state's primary. Last year, Republican leaders dumped popular voting in favor of party conclaves scattered around the state's seven congressional districts where only GOP leaders had the opportunity to pick delegates to this year's Republican National Convention. The backroom process allowed Sen. Ted Cruz to capture all 34 convention delegates. In Indiana, Republican convention delegates are being chosen by party leaders. How Indiana Republican primary voters cast their votes in Indiana's primary election next month will not matter. GOP leaders are making no bones about their intent to select delegates based on their agreement never to support Trump for president. So what's the point of having a presidential primary election if our votes won't count? Taxpayers pay to put on the election, but our votes don't count.

UPDATE: Ordinarily, newspaper editors are concerned when voters are denied the opportunity to cast a meaningful vote in American elections but not at the Gannett-owned Indianapolis Star. Star opinion editor tweets gleefully about GOP leaders' efforts in Indiana to deprive Trump of any delegates to the GOP convention regardless of how Hoosier Republicans vote next month.


Anonymous said...

is there a way that we can blame Obama?

Anonymous said...

I'm 70 yr old and done with the GOP. I will early vote for President just to screw with the State Repub party and no one else. May vote in Nov.
Disgusting how both parties are being rigged.

Anonymous said...

Both major political parties of Lying Democrats and Fake "Republicans", our career politicians, and Gannett tools like Tim Swarens can be described accurately by the word "douchebags"

Anonymous said...

ANON 8:25 I'm a few years older than 70. Why bother to vote? The game is not fair and is stacked by the Donor Class. I'm staying home.

Flogger said...

The idea is to create turmoil or anarchy in the Republican Convention. The anybody but Trump movement does not include Cruz. The establishment Republicans will try to find the White Knight. The McMega-Media Press looked over the field of candidates and potential candidates and filled out their selections like you might fill out your NCAA Basketball picks.

The McMega-Media decided at the start it would be Jeb Bush vs Hillary. Trump and Sanders got in way. Trump has received 24/7 coverage. The idea seemed to let Trump shoot himself in the foot. It did not work out that way. The press sensing Trump's support by the voters began scrutinizing every word he said, trying for the I got you moment.

This examination of Trump is in sharp contrast to the soft ball interviews Hillary has had. Hillary's constant triangulation and shape shifting is called nuance. The word nuance is now strongly associated with Hillary and translated it is you never hear the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth from Hillary.

The establishment has been surprised and shaken, but it will fight back.

Anonymous said...

Where are all our tea partiers now. You know, the guys who say the Constitution, the Constitution over and over again, as if that were the key to abortion, gay rights, and the common cold. You'd think they would be the first ones holding a tea party over the "taking" of the right to vote. But no. They want Ted Cruz. And if that means our vote means nothing in Indiana, ok. And if that means no vote at all in Colorado, ok. Because we want that evangelical. Which has always been the achilles heel of the bible thumpers. Hypocrisy. They're just terrible hypocrites. I'm neither here nor there on Trump. But this business of depriving us of a meaningful vote. I'm shocked about that. It makes be believe Trump all the more; he's been saying they want to steal the vote from him, but I was having a hard time believing it. But is happening already. They're stealing the vote from all of us. This is your Republican party, and I'm just disheartened by it, and I wonder what Ronald Reagan would say, he'd surely strike down Pence for the little theocrat he's become.

Anonymous said...

The best thing Trump can do at this point is let this play out. Don't run third party because that will give the win to Hillary and the establishment Republicans can live with that. They can't live with a system where they have no role. So Trump needs to keep on and force them to steal it from him and they are going to have to do it in broad daylight...not what they had in mind. If they do, there will be no going back. The Rubicon will have been crossed, so to speak. America's not going to react well to a coup d'etat, even a bloodless one. Everybody is seeing just what Romney, Ryan et al are made of. The stench is unbearable. It's time to clean house, TJ-style. It's time to take the trash out. You too, Hillary.

Anonymous said...

so impressed with the way the GOP wants to bring the party together! Wait - better yet - please come and join this mess!

How pathetic this all has become. In the end NEITHER party wants to help the voters. They want to trick them in to believing that THEY helped select who sits in the WH but all they want is the power to line their pockets more.

Excuse me while I go to throw up!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @10:35 AM GMT-5

Ahahahahahahahaha I'm not a christian. So much for the rest of your screeds credibility.

Who said that "The Tea party wants Cruz?"

The right to vote? For what? The electoral college? Another pesky area where the sperg0KKKrats fail at reading comprehension.

Stamping their feet to the democracy chant, as if that will make the rapes, robberies, murders, child molestation's of 0ccupy be forgotten.

Don't forget to put your feet up into the stirrups for socialism!