Sunday, April 24, 2016

Davey Blackburn Explains Forgiving Amanda's Killers

Pastor Davey Blackburn of Indianapolis' Resonate Church spoke at New Spring Church in Anderson, South Carolina today about the killing of his wife, Amanda, last year by three young Indianapolis men during a home invasion. He said the first time he felt anger after Amanda's senseless killing was when he saw photos of the three young men after they were arrested. He said forgiveness is not an emotion. He was never going to feel like forgiving them."It's a decision," he said. "I have to decide to forgive." "Bitterness is going to be a cancer to no one else but me." "On the other side of eternity, Jesus is going to restore and make all bad things completely untrue." "He's going to take care of vengeance."

Davey: Imagine if these three guys met Jesus, okay. Imagine the kick in the nuts it would be for the enemy.

Pastor Perry Noble: I love it. Yes. (laughter)

Davey: I'm just saying.

Pastor Noble: You can tell he's from New Spring. (laughter)

Davey: I don't know if I'm supposed to say that or not.

Pastor Noble: No, much worse things have been said from this stage . . . by guest speakers. (laughter)


Anonymous said...

Good for him. Channel 8 kept showing this live, on air today and I had to flip it to something else. This guy bugs me. There is something slimy about him that I just can't put my finger on. I am sorry his wife and unborn child were murdered so senselessly, I hope those who did it get the death penalty. But this guy has been so opportunistic about it all.

Anonymous said...

this guy bugs me too. he strikes me something of a pub whore. trying to be fair though people act weird under extreme duress and what he's been through qualifies. personally i'd probably move some place new and never speak publicly about it again but maybe is just me.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:56, I used to think that he was behaving bizarrely, but I don't any more. He came across as opportunistic at first, but it might have just been shock. Nobody expects such a thing as happened. Thank God it hasn't happened to me. Since those terrible days, he's been off the radar. No media, no anything..not exactly opportunistic behavior. Going home to SC and speaking to his church family? That's pretty normal I would think. The South is a lot different than the Midwest. People are raised to dream big there, unlike here where people are raised to conform and fit in. Pastor Davey was a young guy full of big plans for his future and he got thrown a curveball. He didn't know how to deal with it, but he seems to have found his footing He's behaving as Christians are called to behave. I'm willing to give him every benefit of the doubt. He had something terrible happen to him. God willing, none of us will ever have to deal with anything like it. Cut the man a break.

Unknown said...

I am all for a Christian response to life an all, but there is something yet to be said for justice.

See, e.g., Reverend
William White of Christ Church, who was elected its president. Daniel A. Cohen, ―In Defense of the
Gallows: Justifications of Capital Punishment in New England Execution Sermons, 1674-1825,‖ American
Quarterly 40 (June 1988): 147-64.

Or less academic, and more politically incorrect,

Anonymous said...

"I am all for a Christian response to life an all, but there is something yet to be said for justice." Wow, that was twisted. Links and everything. Scary links at that. Sounds like you're for bloodlust to me. I have no problem with that. Believe what you wish. I know a lot of Christians that believe in forgiveness with an asterisk. Jesus didn't, though. He was pretty clear about that. Crystal clear, in fact. You either believe justice is God's job or you believe it's yours. My Bible is pretty clear about that, too. It's tough being a Christian. Perhaps that's why there are so few.

Unknown said...

Wow a modernist who is more Christian than the Church for the past 2000, more Christian than Luther, more Christian that most all Christians until the o so progressive Quakers sold us all on the idea that time out would renew criminals via feeling bad. So, new age super Christian, who obviously cannot cite any Scripture to support your modernist perspective, you surely must advocate for no punishment for Amanda's killers at all, correct? I mean, taking years away in the lockup is vengeance, is it not? AH come on, now, let's just let them apologize, if they will, and move on, shall we? Forgiveness, right? So forgive then! I know, how about they just move into your basement to be coddled, breakfast in bed, free video games, love and more lovin on them? Or we could engage, instead, in what most all generations since the Apostles have considered "power evangelism." Put their murder, the work of Satan according to Jesus (Jn 8) on full display via open trial by the community, and then set a date certain for them to meet the Judge of the World. Both the OT and NT back this process. (Romans 12) Nothing quite like that date setting to bring on repentance, if it is in the cards at all. What do you counter with super newage Christian, 40 years in the pen awaiting them to find Jesus or rather get out to come live in your basement? Seems so harsh, how about 30? But even that is vengeance, is it now. Pissed about Amanda and the baby, take it out on the poor perpetrators. I know, how about a spelling test for you and no time for the perps. I am sending them your way for the special ministry that bleeding hearts like you, with worldviews far less than biblical, can inflict upon those of us who are your moral inferiors.