Friday, April 22, 2016

Poll Shows Trump And Clinton Leading Indiana's Presidential Primary Election

The first published poll of Indiana voters show Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton with small leads as we approach the state's May 3 primary election. Trump leads Ted Cruz by six percentage points while Clinton leads Bernie Sanders by just three percentage points. The poll was conducted by Public Opinion Strategies for Howey Politics and WTHR.

Republican Presidential Primary

Donald Trump 37%
Ted Cruz 31%
John Kasich 22%

Democratic Presidential Primary

Hillary Clinton 48%
Bernie Sanders 45%

UPDATE: Fox News released a poll of Indiana voters today as well. It also shows Trump and Clinton leading but by larger margins. Trump has an 8-point lead over Cruz, while Clinton has a 4-point lead over Sanders.

Donald Trump 41%
Ted Cruz 33%
John Kasich 16%

Hillary Clinton 46%
Bernie Sander 42%.


Anonymous said...

Well this will be interesting since it has already been decided that Cruz has to win Indiana. An angry Mitt Romney and naked pictures of Melania was enough to swing Utah. I wonder what it will be here. We know it's not going to be the Rapture, so it's a good thing Lyin' Ted adapts to his audience. Maybe we'll see Marco and Jeb mud wrestling. Maybe Mitch Daniel will wee-wee in a transgender restroom. The possibilities are endless, and the GOP is stupid enough to give it the old college try, even if it alienates 50% of the 14% who still call themselves Reppubbbblicans.

Anonymous said...

Agree that it will be interesting just to see what Cruz cooks up to justify his stolen Indiana delegates. He does seem to change the narrative state by state. I have a feeling it will be Trump and Sanders to take Indiana's popular vote.

leon dixon said... Screw Romney and his ilk (as they say, ilk is never a good thing to be). All this polling is very useless it being much more important to know if it is raining on election day or not.. As for Lyin' Ted....he hasn't lied to me any more than Lyin' Joe has....which is to say that the charge of lying is a little bit brainless, like racism or anti semite or bigot or any name the lightly endowed can think of as being a dirty word...As for the ad, doesn't it remind a bit of those Hitler spoofs?

Flogger said...

Since Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law and Hillary supports NAFTA, I do not think Hillary will be receiving any votes from people that work for Carrier, their families.

However, in reference to the Clinton's: >>> You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. Abraham Lincoln
Read more at:

Amazingly, I have watched, listened and read some of the "pundits" all admit Hillary has been forced to the Left on issues like TPP, Keystone Pipeline and minimum wage because of Bernie Sanders. Once Sanders is defeated she can set course back to the Right. The duplicity of Hillary does not bother them in the least or the Hillary Bots.

Hillary is like a WW 2 convoy she needs to reach port Crony-Capitalism but she she has to zig-zag in route.