Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Bart And Mitch Show

Gov. Mitch Daniels and Mayor Bart Peterson held hands together and asked for the legislature's help in enacting property tax relief. But there's a catch. The legislature must give local governments power to raise other taxes, such as sales, income, hotel and food and beverages taxes.

Sen. Luke Kenley isn't real excited about the plan they call Hometown Matters according to WISH-TV. Kenley says "passage this year is unlikely." "I'm holding out hope that people will wanna deal with it but the political reality of an election year is going to make that difficult," said Kenley. Sen. Kenley is giving the mayor, the governor and others two weeks to build support.

Giving the additional taxing authority, however, will not succeed in holding down property taxes unless the legislature imposes new restrictions on local governments' ability to raise property taxes in the future. Local governments are always using this excuse, but the promise of lower property taxes never becomes a reality. Instead, taxpayers wind up paying higher taxes all around.

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