Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Indiana Democrats Give Stonewall Democrats Seat At The Table

The Indiana Democratic Central Committee voted on Saturday to grant full voting privileges to two groups, the Indiana Democratic African-American Caucus and the Indiana Stonewall Democrats. “This was an important vote because it will take the party’s central committee to a new level of diversity,” said Indiana Democratic Party Chair Dan Parker. “We need as many voices as possible helping us craft our message for the future of Indiana.”

Before Saturday’s vote, the State Committee was comprised of two members from each congressional district; three national committee members; and two representatives of the young democrats.

The Indiana Democratic African-American Caucus is dedicated to encouraging African-Americans to be part of the Democratic Party and furthering the Democratic Party ideals within the African-American community. Indiana Stonewall Democrats is the state organization of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender Democrats. ISD is committed to improving the record of the Democratic Party and educating voters about the vast difference that exists between the two major parties on issues of importance to the GLBT communities.

"By taking this step, the Indiana Democratic Party is showing its commitment to the politics of inclusion," said Stonewall Board member Ellen Andersen, who serves as the Stonewall delegate to the State Central Committee. "Groups like ISD and IDAAC need to be at the table when questions of policy and priorities are considered."

While it's good that the Democrats are broadening their tent so to speak, we wonder if it might not have been an oversight on someone's part not to grant a seat at the table to Hispanics. We're sure they will be hearing from them, if they haven't already.

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