Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Garton Now Has Serious Democrat Opponent

Senate President Pro Tem Robert Garton can now expect a serious Democratic opponent in this November's election if he survives a primary challenge he faces in May according to the Howey Political Report. Long-time former Columbus city attorney, Terry Coriden, shown above, filed to run as a Democrat in Senate District 41 today.

Garton is already facing primary opposition from Greg Walker, a conservative accountant from Columbus. Coriden tells Howey he thinks beating Garton is doable:

Coriden said, "If you listen to what the current governor said during his campaign, we've had these people in office for 16 years. It's time for them to go. These people have been in office two times 16 plus some. It's just time." Coriden said that while SD41 is 60/40 percent Republican, voters are angry about the legislator health care for life issue and escalating property taxes. "It's not only possible," Coriden said of defeating Garton. "It's doable."

Earlier this week Howey reported that Garton told The Republic in Columbus that he was planning to make changes to the legislator health care for life perk, but he made it clear that he did not understand the public's outcry over the benefit. Both Walker and Coriden should have success in exploiting this issue to their advantage.

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