Friday, February 24, 2006

Buyer Raps Draft-Dodging Bayh

Rep. Steve Buyer, who once chewed out Advance Indiana editor Gary R. Welsh for questioning Congress' pay and pension system, unloaded some pretty sharp criticism against Sen. Evan Bayh. Buyer, a weekend reserve veteran, who once falsely claimed to have been called up for active service in the Iraq War, pretty much called Bayh a draft dodger at a press conference in Indianapolis today. Buyer said of Bayh:

Please recognize Washington D.C. right now is not Indianapolis. In the 14 years I've been out there, this is the most heightened political environment that I have been in. It is the meanest and the nastiest and the ugliest I have ever seen. It's not healthy. I just want you to know that it is not healthy right now. And so what we have (are) individuals of whom have no military expertise whatsoever, join the Senate Armed Services Committee so they can try to act like they have expertise in national security while they are running for President. And I'm including Hillary Clinton and Evan Bayh in both those comments. And they do not have the expertise for which they like to proffer."

So what's your point Steve? Are only weekend warriors like yourself entitled to participate in military policy-making affecting all Americans? And what was George Bush's and Dick Cheney's military experience and it has benefitted them how? Steve, you may be disgusted with the current tone in D.C., but we're disgusted with the politicians like you who think only those people who have served in the military are entitled to participate in the national debate.

Sen. Bayh's office responded to Buyer's comments with this statement: "Senator Bayh joined the Armed Services Committee in 2002 to support our troops and help protect the country. Using that position, he's worked with Republicans and Democrats to pass legislation to get our troops more armored Humvees and to help military families facing financial trouble at home."

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