Sunday, February 26, 2006

IMS Confusion Over DST

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway began mailing tickets to Indy 500 ticket holders recently for the 90th running of the event with a posted start time of 12:00 Noon EST. Whoops! Indiana now observes Daily Savings Time (DST) as a result of legislation enacted last year prior to the running of the 2005 Indy 500.

In an effort to clear up the confusion, the IMS included a note with the ticket, which reads:

In 2005, legislation passed by Indiana's General Assembly and signed by the state's governor brings Daylight Savings Time to Indianapolis. So for the second year in a row, there will be a change in the local start time of the Indianapolis 500. Though your ticket was printed with a start time of Noon EST, the 90th running of the Indianapolis 500 will begin at 1 p.m. EDT (local time).

The IMS moved the start time of the race back an hour last year to accomodate viewers on the West Coast. If we're not mistaken, the IMS was among the many business proponents of the time change, particularly because of the live broadcasting of the event.

So what happened to an end to all of the time confusion we were supposed to get after the enactment of DST? Someone at the IMS probably got a good _ _ _ -chewing over this mistake.


Anonymous said...

I work at IMS. The ticket order had to be decided upon last fall before we know what the outcome would be, especially with the possibility that the Legislature might act. So, we used last year's time, knowing that we might have to put an insert into the mailing. Which we did.

Gary R. Welsh said...

I take that to mean that the IMS thought the legislature was going to repeal DST before the new law could take effect--that's pretty pessimistic thinking. You wouldn't want me to bet that there's not going to be a field of 33 drivers at this year's 500 would you?

Anonymous said...

Isn't 12pm EST technically the same time as 1pm EDT?

Anonymous said...

DST has cost me money and Mitch Daniels said DST would make us money. I have to run my electricity longer as I am an early riser and it's dark now when I get out of bed. It's hard to sleep as I retire with an hour or more of daylight left. It cost me money to buy light blocking shades. Hoosiers repealed DST in the sixties and we can do it again.